The Internet gives us extra-sensory perception.

We can talk to people miles away, hear our beloved ones on a different continent, or even reach out to people we could never reach before (say, the President, or a friend from elementary school whom you’ve lost touch with long ago).

How convenient.

But when caring for your family has translated into a quick phone call every weekend, when celebrating your friend’s birthday means typing 13 letters on Facebook, when meeting people is done via instant messaging and online profiles, we simply don't try any more.

We don't make an effort any more. We are too busy--no, we've convinced ourselves that we are too busy to look each other in the eye. Too busy to give a hug and smell each other and ask how are you because we really care. Too busy to kiss. Too busy to listen to what we have to say. Now it's all pictures, messages, emoticons of kisses/hugs/smiles--on a flat screen.

We're limited by our super powers.






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