An advantage of traveling abroad is that you’re privileged to experience first-hand how people think differently about the same thing. American, for example, is a positive word in Taiwan, but not quite so in many other parts of the world. Say, Europe.

Most Americans (or citizens of the United States, if you prefer) in Europe, of course, object to such overgeneralizations. “Not ALL Americans are arrogant, uncultured, and annoying,” they might argue, “We are all different. It’s just stereotypes.”

“I agree,” I said, recalling my one year in Texas. I never experienced in person any of the Texan stereotypes when I was there: cowboys (I saw only one during the whole year), weapons (what weapons?), accents (I understood them just fine), and probably most notoriously, George W. Bush (but even Bush is not from Texas). I continued, “When I was in Texas,” my sentence was immediately interrupted.

“Texas? Why? They only have cowboys and weapons!”

Speaking of stereotypes.


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  • Kay
  • Haha, I totally agree with you!

    Everytime I mention California, people would just automatically think of
    drugged Hollywood celebrities and beach boys~~~
  • I love San Francisco--the only part of California I've been to.

    Well, at least people don't associate it with cowboys and weapons...

    AveryTaiwan 於 2010/12/16 19:20 回覆

  • Jimmy
  • Not to say that you are wrong or anything. "American" is not a bad thing, I think what you are referring to is "Southerner". Alabama, Mississippi (and pick the small town to visit). I think you are talking about Republic, deep religious Christens. Just try to take a drive through Alabama while acting gay, and tell them you dislike Nascar. I think red necks is what you are looking for, check this video out if you must: It's a big country, there is the good, the bad and the worst...
  • I guess we're not exactly talking about the same thing. Thanks for sharing though.

    AveryTaiwan 於 2010/12/24 09:55 回覆