Saturday noon, I just left a study group meeting. Planned to go home but changed my mind immediately when I stepped out of the MOS Burger on Gongyuan Rd. It was such a beautiful day. I was in no rush to do anything.

So I walked to 228 Peace Park. After taking a few pictures and a walk in the sun, I sat down in the park. Took out my laptop and started translating because I felt like it. 10 minutes later, I finished a page. I got up and walked a bit more. There was a giant building. It was National Taiwan Museum.   

I entered the museum. Soon afterwards, I learned that I just walked into a building of a 100 years’ history. It was set up by the Japanese colonial governor in 1908.

I joined a tour on amphibians and reptiles. I saw more of its collection on dispaly as the tour went on, and suddenly it occurred to me: this was exactly what I did when I traveled in Europe. One museum after another. Tours. Paintings. Sculptures. Just really taking my time. How come I never did this in my homeland?

I left the museum and sat down on the front stairs. Leaned against a giant column and looked at things happening around me. Took a few more pictures and just waited for the next thought of action. Hey, this is what I did in Europe, I thought to myself. This is vacation. I’m traveling now.

The cool breeze. The warm sunlight. The greens of trees and grass surrounding me. I never found this city so lovely. Probably because I never tried to. I felt ashamed but content at the same time.

I decided to translate another page because I felt like it. 10 minutes later, I stopped--because I felt like it. I put away my laptop and looked at those who only have the luxury to come here on weekends--if they indeed have their weekends off. That's when I realized I'm luckier than most of them.

Most people trade freedom for work. I don't :p


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