I want to take a walk by the sea.

Watch a movie that makes me laugh and cry.

Go to some bar and have a beer and go home before the world starts to collapse.

Take a short trip somewhere not too far. But far enough to feel just slightly lost.

But I don't even know who I can go with. It's easier to distract yourself when you have company.

Wanna join my trip?



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  • Valeria
  • If you don't mind a mute fellow traveller, can I sign up?
  • Sorry, my bad.

    I'm not looking for travel mates here. I would say the last sentence is a bit...metaphysical.

    AveryTaiwan 於 2011/01/24 22:19 回覆

  • Valeria
  • XDDD
    I know what you meant.

    Just wanted to offer you a pat on the head. Seems like a lot of us are looking for escapes lately.

  • Thanks.

    AveryTaiwan 於 2011/01/26 12:14 回覆