I need to find a job so I don’t have to rely on my parents.

 I need to work out so I won’t look bad in my swimming suit.

 I need to call my mom once a week so she won’t get mad at me.


We need to do this. We need to do that. We are always running around trying to do something. But do we really have to live a life of needs? What about--


I want to find a good job because I want to support myself and enjoy a good life.

 I want to work out because I want to be healthy and look good.

 I want to call my mom once a week because I want to tell her what I’ve been doing and know how she is doing.



We don’t need a life of needs.


We want a life of wants.

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  • Nina
  • I like the idea!!
    I want to leave this message to you because I would like to have an optimistic friend just like you!
    haha~ I'm Nina. Nice to meet you.^ ^
  • You, too.

    Cheers to life :P

    AveryTaiwan 於 2010/11/04 11:21 回覆