Sometimes I wonder, when one asks the ancient question, “What’s the purpose of life,” he doesn’t really want the answer.

Oftentimes, he’s just complaining about how life sucks at that moment--I want this but I can’t get it; I don’t want this but I’m stuck in it. When he finally gets over whatever it is, he will be happy again, and will not bother to think about the question for even one second--until the next disaster happens, that is.

Maybe there really is no meaning in living a life like many do--studying a major that you don’t like, doing a job that you absolutely hate, and marrying someone you don’t even love.
In that sense, I’m probably luckier than most people are.

I have my purpose of life. And I love it. :P


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  • T
  • God has smiled upon you!
    im going to the UK and maybe Holland or Germany in late August. Will you be around?
  • Ooooooops, I go back to Taiwan on August 14! What a shame!

    AveryTaiwan 於 2010/05/19 03:03 回覆

  • T
  • bummer. looks like we'll just barely miss each other. im planning on going there after August 16.
  • That's funny. Looks like we will see each other back in Taiwan then!

    AveryTaiwan 於 2010/05/20 04:08 回覆

  • Diane
  • Hi Avery, you're coming back soon? That's great! We've talked about you in class this semester. But trust me, only positively.

    See you soon!

    Diane from GITI
  • WOW, is there a line for my autograph already? Should I give them number tickets?

    I will go back to Taiwan on August 14. Not sure when I will go to Taipei, but I surely need to find a place to live before school starts!

    AveryTaiwan 於 2010/05/31 22:57 回覆