For mysterious reasons, people around me often assume I am organized. Most of my friends think I always take good notes and keeps my room perfectly clean. Here's the truth:

Very, very few people can understand my notes. To be honest, even I don't find it easy to read my own notes. (Unfortunately, I am not usually aware of it until the night before some test.) And my room is always messed up. One time I came home and walked into my room. I stared at my room and seriously thought somebody must have broken into the house!

I do like to plan and want be organized, but the thing is, every time I planned ahead and tries to organized every single detail beforehand, I always missed some tiny but crucial key and ended up with total failure. Like what happened last night.

I go to a very famous TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) clinic every other week. This clinic is so popular that if you just walk in, it can take up to two hours in the waiting room before you get to see the doctor. That's why I always make an appointment a week ahead. (Believe it or not, I usually get an number of 30 or 40, which means some people actually make their appointments more than a week prior to their visits!)

To save time and be most efficient, I always call before I decide when to head for the bus stop so I can arrive just about the time when it's my turn to go into the exam room.

This is what happened last night. I called and made sure there were at least 20 patients waiting before me, which meant I could take my time walking to the bus stop and wait for the right bus. Just after I left my place and started walking, I realized I was screwed: although there were plenty of patients lining before me, I needed to show up at the counter no later than 9:30 pm! It was already 9:25 when I left my apartment.

In other words, the appointment I had made a week ago and the calls to make sure I wouldn't waste any time waiting were completely useless because no matter what number I was, I had to report to the registration by 9:30!

And you all think I am very organized...

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